GR51 - Balcons de la Méditerranée


  1. Name GR51 - Balcons de la Méditerranée (GR51)
  2. Length of trail 290 km, 180 miles
  3. Length in days 15 days
  4. Start of trail Marseille
  5. End of trail menton
  6. Traildino grading MW, Moderate walk, backpacking trail
  7. Hut tour grading T1, Walk

Marseille - Menton

This GR51 is a special walk. It follows the length of the French Riviera, starting in Marseille and running east. You won't see much water, though. Apart from the start of the trail, along the spectacular white cliffs of Les Calanques, you will walk inland. Hence, Balcons de la Méditerranée, as it is called. A lengthy walk, in a well known holiday region, but far from popular.

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Sentier de grande randonnée 51, 514km
Sentier du littoral Martégal, 10km
Balcons de la Méditerranée
.Balcons de la Méditerranée, Menton - Roquebrune, 20km
.Balcons de la Méditerranée, Roquebrune - Cipières, 80km
.Balcons de la Méditerranée, Cipières-Marseille, 412km
Grande Rota do Alva, 78km


Map of GR51


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  • Anita 2013-06-01 17:25:13
  • Continuation of GR 51 Section from Auribeau sur Siagne - La Napoule.
  • Map read your way down the gravel road (there are many turnings leading off. Finally when the road goes into a dip, with a narrow path leading downhill on your left, take it. (If you miss it you will come up onto a tarmac road which is a dead end (impasse) Follow the path down, again very poorly marked. I have posted many photos on my website showing the correct route. The final stretch goes down an extremely steep rock path. Dangerous if you are carrying backpacks. When you finally come onto the tarmac road on the outskirts of Mandelieu the marking is good. The GR 51 goes along the river all the way to La Napoule. It is level and used by all runners, cyclists and dog walkers! What was supposed to take 7 hours, actually took us 9 hours walking, time lost searching for markers!
  • Anita 2013-06-01 17:16:26
  • GR 51 Section from Auribeau sur Siagne-La Napoule
  • This section has been diverted onto to the tarmac road once you leave the Village of Auribeau sur Siagne, turning right along the river at the base of the village (walking East to West) Be warned the marking throughout this section is very poor indeed. Even some directional markers pointing right instead of left! Check your map frequently.
    I have walked from Menton to La Napoule and this was the worst section May 23rd 2013. The tarmac road once you reach the bridge, goes from 80 m to 468m, uphill all the way on tarmac. As you finally overlook Mandlieu, exiting from Le Grand Duc gravle road, cross over the tarmac road, down a muddy, gullied path, onto another gravel road. ATTENTION the marker is incorrect....TURN LEFT (not right) cont.....
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