Askja Trail


  1. Name Askja Trail
  2. Length of trail 90 km, 56 miles
  3. Length in days 5 days
  4. Start of trail Herðubreiðarlindir
  5. End of trail Svartárkot
  6. Traildino grading MW, Moderate walk, backpacking trail
  7. Hut tour grading T1, Walk


Askja Trail / Öskjuvegur, Herðubreiðarlindir – Svartárkot, 90 km, 5 days.

This marked trail is located in the north and centre part of the island, and it takes you to the vulcano Askja. This trail is also known by the name “Öskjuvegur”.

In 1875, the infamous Askja plunged the island into disaster. The ashes of an enormous eruption poisoned the land and killed live stock. Consequently, many Icelanders emigrated.

In recent times the volcano erupted several times, the most recent one in 1961, but without doing much harm.

This path, the Askja Trail, runs in a wide arc from  Herðubreiðarlindir to the farm Svartárkot, where you should find a bus to pick you up. The trail is marked and along the way you will pass four cabins where you can stay overnight. The path is maintained by the Touring Club of Akureyri.

The path is rather demanding. During long stretches you will walk over solidified lava, and you will have to cross a ridge on 1300 meters. Here, bad weather is no fun. Of course you must carry your own meals and water. The area is relatively dry, which is another advantage.

The volcano itself is an interesting site. Its central vast caldera is flooded. Nearby is the small, recent crater Viti, where you may meet tourist traveling in 4x4 cars.


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