Bassa Via del Garda


  1. Name Bassa Via del Garda
  2. Length in days 18 days
  3. Start of trail Saló
  4. End of trail Torri del Benaco
  5. Traildino grading SW, Strenuous walk, mountain trail
  6. Hut tour grading T2, Mountain walk

Around Lago di Garda, 18 days

This trail runs from Saló to Riva and then from Torbole to Torri del Benaco. If you like, you can fill in the missing stretches yourselve to complete a three-week round walk. The shores of the lake are busy of course, it is a popular tourist destination.

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Bassa Via del Garda, 11km
Cassone - San Maggiore innesto panoramica Malcesine, 8.3km
Bassa Via del Garda, 108km


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