Friese Woudenpad


  1. Name Friese Woudenpad (LAW1-1)
  2. Length of trail 147 km, 96 miles
  3. Length in days 7 days
  4. Start of trail Lauwersoog
  5. End of trail Steenwijk
  6. Traildino grading LW, Light walk, countryside walk

Friese Woudenpad

LAW1-1, Friese Woudenpad (old name: Zevenwoudenpad): Lauwersoog - Steenwijk, 147 km (+ 85 km additional trails)

The trail begins at the Waddenzee, in the north of the Netherlands, on the border of Friesland and Groningen. The Lauwersmeer is a nature reserve, a secluded area of Waddenzee. A second branch of this path starts in Holwerd, a typical Frisian village along the Waddenzee.

The first stages, the path goes through the Frisian polder landscape with its distinctive black and white cows and huge farms. Later, the path crosses two sand ridges: the Friese Wouden and the Drents-Friese Wold. Here you can enjoy small-scale agricultural landscapes (or what remains of it). Finally, you will visit the beautiful Weerribben, an area of lakes and marshes.

This official LAW is marked with red-white signs. A topo guide is for sale. The trail ends in Steenwijk, but you can continue your way on the Pionierspad, and eventually via the Floris V path and the GR12 you will even reach Paris.

Select some tracks
Friese Woudenpad LAW1-1
Friese Woudenpad - Hoofdroute
.Friese Woudenpad - 01, 22km
.Friese Woudenpad - 02, 16km
.Friese Woudenpad - 03, 20km
.Friese Woudenpad - 04, 16km
.Friese Woudenpad - 05, 19km
.Friese Woudenpad - 06, 15km
.Friese Woudenpad - 07, 15km
.Friese Woudenpad - 08, 11km
.Friese Woudenpad - 09, 15km
.Friese Woudenpad - 10 - Variant Holwerd-Dokkum, 14km
.Friese Woudenpad - 11 - Variant-Ureterp-Hoornsterzwaag, 19km
.Friese Woudenpad - 12 - Kolonievaart-De-Hoeve, 16km
.Friese Woudenpad - 13 - De Hoeve-Oldemarkt, 21km
.Friese Woudenpad - 14 - Oldemarkt-Steenwijk, 15km
Friese Woudenpad - Alle varianten
.Friese Woudenpad - Variant De Hoeve-Oldemarkt
Friese Woudenpad - 01a - Variant Holwerd-Dokkum, 15km
Pionierspad - 01, 16km
Pionierspad - 02, 15km


Friese Woudenpad LAW1 1


De Zwerver
  • Wandelgids 1-1 LAW Friese Woudenpad | Wandelnet
  • Het Friese Woudenpad koppelt de Nationale Parken Lauwersmeer, Friese Wouden, Drents-Friese Wold en de Weerribben aan elkaar. De route begint in het open Friese zeekleigebied, dat een heel eigen en unieke schoonheid bezit. Na het historische stadje Dokkum volgen de Dokkumer Wâlden, een uniek ‘slagenlandschap’ met smalle langgerekte kavels en... Read more
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