Brabants Vennenpad


  1. Name Brabants Vennenpad (SP5)
  2. Length of trail 233 km, 145 miles
  3. Length in days 12 days
  4. Start of trail Heeze
  5. End of trail Heeze
  6. Traildino grading LW, Light walk, countryside walk

Brabants Vennenpad

SP5, Brabants Vennenpad, Circular walk around Eindhoven, 233 km

Formerly this path was called Vennekespad. Now the name is Brabant Vennenpad, Streekpad 5, and it is an official LAW.

If you wish to experience the Brabant of the past, you may find it here. Much of the area has of course been modernized. But this region, south of Den Bosch and Eindhoven, has retained some of its characteristics: its forests, sandy soils with fens, small villages and small streams.

The path visits Kampina nature reserve, and the southern section runs through the Kempen. The northern section runs through the region called Meierij (Bailiwick) Den Bosch. In the past it was full of poplars from which clogs were made. Nowadays attempts are made to replant poplars and get some of the characteristics back.

This is a quiet walk with not much catering. On Sundays it can be crowded with day trippers around Hilvarenbeek and Oisterwijk.

Select some tracks
Brabants Vennenpad
.Brabants Vennenpad 1, 24km
.Brabants Vennenpad 1.03, 0.8km
.Brabants Vennenpad 2, 43km
.Brabants Vennenpad 2.07, 2.6km
.Brabants Vennenpad 3, 38km
.Brabants Vennenpad 4, 43km
.Brabants Vennenpad 5, 48km
.Brabants Vennenpad 6, 43km
Brabants Vennenpad (Alle varianten)
Brabants Vennenpad (Hoofdroute)
.Brabants Vennenpad - 01, 22km
.Brabants Vennenpad - 02, 24km
.Brabants Vennenpad - 03, 18km
.Brabants Vennenpad - 04, 18km
.Brabants Vennenpad - 05, 14km
.Brabants Vennenpad - 06, 23km
.Brabants Vennenpad - 07, 23km
.Brabants Vennenpad - 08, 26km
.Brabants Vennenpad - 09, 22km
.Brabants Vennenpad - 10, 19km
.Brabants Vennenpad - 11, 26km
.Brabants Vennenpad - 12, 22km
.Brabants Vennenpad - Aanlooproute Oisterwijk, 2.4km
.Brabants Vennenpad - Aanlooproute Tilburg, 6.4km
.Brabants Vennenpad - Aanlooproute Geldrop, 0.7km
.Brabants Vennenpad - Aanlooproute Valkenswaard, 1.6km
.Brabants Vennenpad - Aanlooproute Eindhoven Dommel, 4.1km
.Brabants Vennenpad - Aanlooproute Eindhoven Campus, 4km
Sentiero Partigiani SP5 -sentiero della notte di San Giovanni, 15km


Brabants Vennenpad SP5


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