1. Name Krijtlandpad (SP7)
  2. Length of trail 90 km, 56 miles
  3. Length in days 5 days
  4. Start of trail Maastricht
  5. End of trail Maastricht
  6. Traildino grading EW, Easy walk, nature trail

Krijtlandpad, SP 7, Eijsden - Gulpen

The southernmost tip of The Netherlands is different from all the rest. It's hilly here, up to 300 m. The land does not consist of sand, clay or peat, like anywhere else in The Netherlands, but of limestone. Hence "Krijtland", Limestone country. Extensive forests cover the slopes of these hills. The heights are shaped as flat and open plateaus of farmland and pasture. The valleys are narrow and moist.

What strikes the stranger, when observing this Dutch mountain scenery? That again it is so very orderly and trim. Attempts have been made to preserve the small scale of traditional agriculture. Hedges and rows of trees have been saved or even restored. The old orchards disappeared centuries ago. Fields are neatly fitted in. In the beautiful valleys of the rivers Geul and Gulp, the landscape sometimes is a bit more loosely organised.

This wonderful country is popular with walkers, and this is not a recent development, but something of the past 100 years. The region is set to tourists, and food and accommodation are abundant. If you're lucky with the weather, you can look forward to a splendid four days walk. And why not use the fifth day for shopping in Maastricht? (HN)

Select some tracks
Krijtlandpad (Alle varianten)
Krijtlandpad (Hoofdroute)
.Krijtlandpad - 01, 14km
.Krijtlandpad - 02, 16km
.Krijtlandpad - 03, 22km
.Krijtlandpad - 04, 17km
.Krijtlandpad - 05, 23km
.Krijtlandpad - 06, 7.6km
.Krijtlandpad - 03a, 1.8km
.Krijtlandpad - 05a, 0.5km
Krijtlandpad traject 09: Malensbosch-Vaals, 5.4km
Krijtlandpad traject 08: Rugweg-Malensbosch, 3.6km
Krijtlandpad traject 07: Epen-Rugweg, 5.5km
Krijtlandpad traject 06: Slenaken-Epen, 7.5km
Krijtlandpad traject 10: Vaals-Vijlen, 6.5km
Krijtlandpad traject 12: Kruisberg-Gulpen, 5.5km
Krijtlandpad traject 11: Vijlen-Kruisberg, 5km
Krijtlandpad traject 13: Gulpen-Gerendal, 4.8km
Krijtlandpad traject 16: Geulhem-Amby, 5.5km
Krijtlandpad traject 15: Valkenburg-Geulhem, 3.3km
Krijtlandpad traject 14: Gerendal-Valkenburg, 5.5km
Krijtlandpad traject 17: Amby-Maastricht, 3.9km
Krijtlandpad traject 10: oude route, 2.5km
Sentiero Partigiani 7 - sentiero delle donne, 17km
Ronde van Nederland deel 4 - Krijtlandpad
.RvN Krijtlandpad - 01 - Maastricht-Mariadorp, 13km
.RvN Krijtlandpad - 04, 17km
.RvN Aansluiting Krijtlandpad-Pelgrmspad in Gulpen, 0.3km


Krijtlandpad SP7


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