1. Name Oosterscheldepad (SP15)
  2. Length of trail 196 km, 122 miles
  3. Length in days 10 days
  4. Start of trail Goes
  5. End of trail Goes
  6. Traildino grading LW, Light walk, countryside walk

OosterscheldepadSP15, Oosterscheldepad: circular trail starting from Goes around National Park Oosterschelde, 196 km

The Oosterschelde estuary is a large and wide sea inlet in the province of Zeeland. Since 2002, the area is designated as a National Park. The clear, salt water is an important habitat for many marine animals. Therefore, the Oosterschelde is popular with divers. For us as walkers, the life underwater is - except for the seals - invisible. The shores and the adjacent polders and marshes house many birds. Especially during autumn and spring, many migratory birds have a stop here. The landscape is attractive: a large expanse of water, in combination with a meandering coastline and ancient villages and towns, such as Veere.

On windy days, the lake is dotted with many small and large sailing boats. "Lake" is not the right word: the sea inlet is cut from the sea by a tidal dam, but usually it is open and the water poors in and out two times a day. Only with spring tide and storm, the weir is closed.

The Oosterscheldepad is a "Streekpad" - regional trail - maintained by Stichting Wandelnet.

Select some tracks
.Oosterscheldepad - 01, 16km
.Oosterscheldepad - 02 - Wemeldinge-Wissekerke, 18km
.Oosterscheldepad - 02a, 3.7km
.Oosterscheldepad - 03 - Wissekerke-Colijnsplaat, 21km
.Oosterscheldepad - 04 - Colijnsplaat-Neeltje Jans, 20km
.Oosterscheldepad - 05 - Neeltje Jans-Moriaanshoofd, 17km
.Oosterscheldepad - 06 - Moriaanshoofd-Ouwerkerk, 21km
.Oosterscheldepad - 07 - Ouwerkerk-Bruinisse veer, 14km
.Oosterscheldepad - 08 - Bruinisse veer-Zijpe, 2.3km
.Oosterscheldepad - 09 - veer Anna Jacobapolder-Sint Annaland, 19km
.Oosterscheldepad - 10 - Sint Annaland-Stavenisse, 13km
.Oosterscheldepad - 11 - Stavenisse-Scherpenisse, 19km
.Oosterscheldepad - 12 - Scherpenisse-Sint Annaland, 8.3km
.Oosterscheldepad - 13, 11km
Oosterscheldepad SP15 survey 2017, 37km
Oosterscheldepad - 08 - Bruinisse veer-Anna Jacobapolder, 0.6km
(no name), 12km
(no name), 1km
(no name), 1km


Oosterscheldepad SP15


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