1. Name Scholtenpad (SP1)
  2. Length of trail 103 km, 64 miles
  3. Length in days 5 days
  4. Start of trail Winterswijk
  5. End of trail Winterswijk
  6. Traildino grading LW, Light walk, countryside walk

ScholtenpadSP1, Scholtenpad: Around Winterswijk, 103 km

This "Streekpad" - regional trail - gives you a chance to explore the area around Winterswijk, in the east of the Netherlands. The landscape is characterised by an attractive multiformity of fields, meadows and forests, and occasionally a small village. It is therefore a protected landscape. Wonderful to walk, but also busy during the holidays. So find yourself a quiet time to stroll.

The trail is named after farmers called "Scholten". These were rich farmers, appointed by the actual landowners. They built large farms that still adorn the landscape.

Select some tracks
Scholtenpad (Verouderd? FIXME!), 2.8km
Pilgerweg Schönstatt, 51km
(no name), 6.4km
Scholtenpad - Rondom Winterswijk
.Scholtenpad - 01 - Winterswijk-Bredevoort, 19km
.Scholtenpad - 02 - Bredevoort-Lievelde, 14km
.Scholtenpad - 03 - Lievelde-Beurzerbeek 't Hilgelo, 13km
.Scholtenpad - 04 - Beurzerbeek 't Hilgelo-Steengroeve, 18km
.Scholtenpad - 05 - Steengroeve-Winterswijk, 25km
.Scholtenpad - 06 - Noordroute aansluiting 03 en 04, 5.6km
.Scholtenpad - 07 - Oostroute aansluiting 04 en 05, 5.7km
.Scholtenpad - 08 - Westroute aansluiting 02, 7.7km
"Percorso Fie Tre Palle Gialle" - SS461 - Percorso 101, 0.5km


Scholtenpad SP1


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