1. Name Texelpad (SP4)
  2. Length of trail 80 km, 50 miles
  3. Length in days 4 days
  4. Start of trail Den Hoorn
  5. End of trail Den Hoorn
  6. Traildino grading LW, Light walk, countryside walk

Texelpad - by Henk

SP4, Texelpad: Around Texel Island, 80 km

Texel is the largest island of the Netherlands. You can only get there by ferry.

The island has a unique atmosphere. On the one hand, it feels a bit like the mainland: an open country with sheep and cows where the wind has free play.

The sea is present everywhere, and you can enjoy it daily. On the island's northern side is the turbulent North Sea. On the other side is the quiet and bird rich Waddenzee.

The path – created by Stichting Wandelnet and marked yellow-red - frequents villages and nature reserves, and is therefore the best chance to get to know Texel. There are plenty of accommodation options, but in high season the island may be fully booked, and a tent will be welcome.

Select some tracks
Texelpad (oude route), 55km
WaddenWandelen - Ameland - 01 - Nes Veerdam-Boomhiemke bungalowpark, 21km
WaddenWandelen - Ameland - 02 - Boomhiemke bungalowpark-Strandhotel Buren aan Zee, 18km
WaddenWandelen - Ameland - 03 - Strandhotel Buren aan Zee-Nes Veerdam, 22km
Watteninsel Wanderweg Borkum 02, 11km
WaddenWandelen - Schiermonnikoog - 01 - Veerboot - Bushalte de Marlijn, 15km
WaddenWandelen - Schiermonnikoog - 02 - Bushalte de Marlijn-Veerboot, 14km
WaddenWandelen - Schiermonnikoog - 03 - Variant naar Willemsduin, 8.8km
WaddenWandelen - Texel - 01 - 't Horntje-De Koog, 22km
WaddenWandelen - Texel - 02 - De Koog-De Cocksdorp, 19km
WaddenWandelen - Texel - 03 - De Cocksdorp-Oudeschild, 19km
WaddenWandelen - Texel - 04 - Oudeschild-'t Horntje, 16km
WaddenWandelen - Texel - 05 - Variant dwarsover - De Koog-De Zandkes, 11km
WaddenWandelen - Texel - 06 - Dagwandeling Den Hoorn, 23km
WaddenWandelen - Texel - 07 - Dagwandeling Oostereind, 19km
Waddenwandelen - Vlieland - 01 - Veerhaven-Pad van Twintig, 21km
Waddenwandelen - Vlieland - 02- Pad van Twintig-Veerhaven, 14km
Watteninsel Wanderweg Borkum 01, 15km


Rate 8.0 | 1 vote | No 7. in Netherlands
  • Manon Wouterse March 2012
  • Rate 8
  • Positive You will hug the North Sea coastline, walk on it´s beaches and cross the Island to the Wadden sea. The trail passes open flat pastures with sheep, little Dutch villages and you can find cafes right on the beach. You can walk this trail year round. The ferry ride from Den Helder takes about 20 mins. This is an easy and wellmarked trail.
  • Negative Not so much disliked, but this is The Netherlands, so keep in mind there´s no hills and that the weather can be challinging at times.
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Texelpad SP4


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