1. Name Trekvogelpad (LAW2)
  2. Length of trail 380 km, 236 miles
  3. Length in days 19 days
  4. Start of trail Bergen aan Zee
  5. End of trail Enschede
  6. Traildino grading LW, Light walk, countryside walk

Trekvogelpad, LAW2 - Noord-Hollands Kanaal - by Henk

LAW2, Trekvogelpad: Bergen aan Zee - Enschede, 380 km, divided into 12-15 day hikes.

This trail of the migrating birds connects the North Sea coast to the German border. The distance covered is a mere 200 km 'as the crow flies', but being only human you will need to walk 380 km. In doing so, you'll discover a variety of land- and cityscapes, Amsterdam included.

The Trekvogelpad starts in the coastal village of Bergen aan Zee. Especially in autumn migrating birds can be spotted along the Dutch coast. The trail starts off towards the southeast, brushes the city of Amsterdam, turns east to follow the river Lek, and crosses the river IJssel, landmarks often used by migrating birds. You will experience the typical polder landscapes and extensive woods of central Holland. Further east, woods and farmland are intermingled. A lovely fortnight walk for all seasons, right across the Netherlands.

The path, also known as LAW 2, was initiated in 1999 as a joint effort by the Dutch Society for Protection of Birds and NIVON, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the first. In fact it is a combination of three older long distance footpaths into one. (HN)

Select some tracks
.Trekvogelpad - 01 - Bergen aan Zee-Alkmaar, 22km
.Trekvogelpad - 02 - Alkmaar-Graft, 20km
.Trekvogelpad - 03 - Graft-Haaldersbroek, 20km
.Trekvogelpad - 04 - Haaldersbroek-Durgerdam, 16km
.Trekvogelpad - 05 - Durgerdam-Ransdorp, 24km
.Trekvogelpad - 06 - Ransdorp-Amsterdam Gaasperplas, 19km
.Trekvogelpad - 07 - Amsterdam Gaasperplas-Naarden, 20km
.Trekvogelpad - 08 - Naarden-Hilversum A27, 14km
.Trekvogelpad - 09 - Hilversum A27-Pijnenburg, 17km
.Trekvogelpad - 10 - Pijnenburg-Piramide Austerlitz, 16km
.Trekvogelpad - 11 - Piramide Austerlitz-Groenesteyn, 20km
.Trekvogelpad - 12 - Groenesteyn-Amerongen, 14km
.Trekvogelpad - 13 - Amerongen-Grebbeberg, 19km
.Trekvogelpad - 14 - Grebbeberg-Ede, 14km
.Trekvogelpad - 15 - Ede-Otterlo, 18km
.Trekvogelpad - 16 - Otterlo-Hoenderlo, 17km
.Trekvogelpad - 17 - Hoenderlo-Veluwe-Loenen, 18km
.Trekvogelpad - 18 - Loenen-Wichmond, 25km
.Trekvogelpad - 19 - Wichmond-Ruurlo, 18km
.Trekvogelpad - 20 - Ruurlo-Eibergen, 22km
.Trekvogelpad - 21 - Eibergen-Buurserzand, 24km
.Trekvogelpad - 22 - Variant Den Broam, 8.5km
.Trekvogelpad - 23 - Buurserzand-Enschede Station, 13km
Trekvogelpad - 21 Eibergen - Buurserzand, 13km
Trekvogelpad - Hoogveen
Trekvogelpad - Markermeerroute, 6.1km


Rate 7.5 | 2 votes | No 15. in Netherlands
  • dirkpieter March 2009
  • Rate 8
  • Positive Crossing the Netherlands from the Sea (Bergen aan zee) to Enschede is special. The route finds his way through great nature and national parks and is never borring. A long route which I have walked in weekends - every part is really beautiful!
  • Henk Nouws April 2003
  • Rate 7
  • Positive A matter of taste: I prefer the wet parts in Holland. Then, the forests of the Veluwe are pretty.
  • Negative Roads.
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Trekvogelpad LAW2

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De Zwerver
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  • De beste wandelroute van Nederland kent een volledig bijgewerkte routegids met als nieuw eindpunt station Enschede grens. Lengte: 415 km. Met o.a. nieuwe natuur bij Soesterberg, meer onverharde paden en een verbeterde finale. De beste wandelroute van Nederland (volgens Op Pad) is vernieuwd en verlengd. De kaarten en de routebeschrijving in de... Read more
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