Blefjell is a southeastern spur of the Hardangervidda. In eight days you can walk south, starting in Immingfjell and ending in the town of Kongsberg where the trail ends. In between you will pass three unstaffed huts, two self-service cabins where you can buy food, and a private cabin.

The vegetation is rather sparse, as a consequence of the poor quartzite soil. As you progress south, following the crest of the Blefjell range, the mountains get lower. Halfway, Blefjell peak itself arises above the landscape to 1351 meters.


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  • Blefjell Nordeca 2207
  • Blefjell area in Norway in a series of GPS compatible recreational Turkart maps at 1:50,000 with cartography from Norway’s topographic survey and additional tourist information. Contours lines are drawn at 20m intervals. The overprint varies from title to title, but includes local footpaths, in some cases distinguishing between easy and more... Read more
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