Ryfylkeheiane, Preikestolen

Ryfylkeheiane is the mountain plateau in the southwest of Norway, in the region of Stavanger. Of course, this area has not the familiar sound as is the case with Hardangervidda. But it is huge and varied! The area counts many self-service huts and unstaffed huts, and four staffed huts. If you walk north to the well known hut of Haukeliseter, you virtually enter Hardangervidda. East of this plateau lies the Setesdalheiane, with no clear natural border between the two regions.

This region is marked by its poor soils, its grey gneiss. In summer, a green carpet of grass and shrubs fills in the smooth grey rocks. Quite large mountains arise from this plateau, up till 1.600 m high. Therefore, this is a good area for long walks and when you don't want to follow the crowds.

There is one busy polular spot however, Preikestolen, or Pulpit Rock, a massive cliff 600 meters above Lysefjord, where you can sit in awe.


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