Setesdalsheiane is a large plateau in the south of Norway, west of the Setesdal valley. To the west, the plateau changes its name into Ryfylkeheiane. The Setesdal part of the plateau is distinctive. Most of the plateau is very unfertile, based on granite, but some areas are made up of limestone, and here you will find many wild flowers.

Interesting also are the wild reindeer that roam free in the higher parts of this area. In the lower parts sheep flocks graze during the summer months. It's not all nature, though: the area is used for the generation of hydro-electric power.

Hiking is easy. The area is extensive, and well served with mountain huts, mainly unstaffed and self-service huts.

Toghether with Ryfkylkeheiane, hiking possibilities in this area are countless. For instance Ådneram chalet – Kvilldal (8 days), Haukeliseter (bordering on Hardangervidda) – Suldal (8 days), Åseral – Bykle (6 days), Hovden – Gjøvdal (9 days).


Map of Norway Hiking Regions South


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