Between Jotunheimen and the Hardangervidda lies a large and mountainous region which in recent years got the name Skarvheimen. You will find other names as well, like Filefjell. This is an area of wild mountains and deep valleys in the west, and more gentle plateaus in the east.

Most hikers will know this area because of the popular trail connecting Finse and Aurland through the Aurlandsdal valley. Another popular destination is the Hallingskarvet ridge (1933 m) that can be reached from the Bergen railway. Elsewhere, there are high mountains. The Filefjell plateau reaches 1920 m (Juklegga). Around the beautiful Hemsedal valley are fine mountains as well.

Apart from the popular Aurlandsdal hike, there is a very good connection between Hardangervidda and Jotunheimen. This walk starts in the little hamlet of Haugastøl on the border of the Ustevatn lake, and runs north to the huts Sulebu and Slettningsbu. Total time is seven days.


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