Svartisen, north west of Mo i Rana, is a large glacier – Svartisen means "black ice" – the largest of north Norway. Climbing it is not exactly a walking exercise. The ice is heavily crevassed and only mountaineers or guided parties should attempt to traverse it. The surroundings are fine for hiking, although there are not many huts here. A deep valley splits the ice field in two. Around it many lakes can be found.


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  • Svartisen Nordeca 10123
  • Map No. 10123, Svartisen, in the new topographic survey of Norway at 1:50,000 covering the country on 195 double-sided sheets and first published by Nordeca in 2011 - 2012; fully GPS compatible, indicating waymarked footpaths, campsites, tourist huts, illuminated ski runs, etc.The maps, now published by Nordeca, the successors to Statens... Read more
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