The Sylan mountain range is located on the border with Sweden. Both countries share the huge, lumpish mountains, rising up from the eroded and rocky plains. These gabbro rock formations more or less survived the grinding forces of the glaciers in the ice age. The highest mountain – Helagsfjället, 1797 m - is located in Sweden. Storsylen (1762 m) is another fine mountain, with its peak just on the Norwegian side of the frontier.

Sylan also refers to a much wider area, reaching out to Trondheim in the west, Nord-Trøndelag in the north, Swedish Sylarna in the east and Femundsmarka in the south. The entire region is a large hikers paradise, with many staffed huts on the Swedish side, and some three staffed huts plus seven self-service huts in Norway. In winter, the area is popular as one of the largest cross-country skiing regions.

Walking is easy, because of the modest differences in height. Lakes and rivers can be fished, in spite of hydro-electrical works for which a nature reserve had to be flooded. Reindeer can be seen trotting over the barren fields. This is a spacious landscape.


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  • Sylan Nordeca 10087
  • Map No. 10087, Sylan, in the new topographic survey of Norway at 1:50,000 covering the country on 195 double-sided sheets and first published by Nordeca in 2011 - 2012; fully GPS compatible, indicating waymarked footpaths, campsites, tourist huts, illuminated ski runs, etc.The maps, now published by Nordeca, the successors to Statens Kartverk... Read more
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  • Sylan Nordeca 2595
  • Sylan area in Norway in a series of GPS compatible recreational Turkart maps at 1:100,000 with cartography from Norway’s topographic survey and additional tourist information. Contours lines are drawn at 20m intervals. The overprint varies from title to title, but includes local footpaths, in some cases distinguishing between easy and more... Read more
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