The Tysfjord is the mountain and fjord area belonging to the city of Bodø in the north of Norway. You will not find any DNT huts nor cairned trails. Still, hardy hikers venture out into these remote mountains and valleys, bordering on the Swedish Padjelanta National Park. Part of the Norwegian area is declared a national park too: the Rago National Park, with its untouched Nordland country with waterfalls and characteristic fauna. The names of many lakes and mountains betray that we are in fact in Lapland here. The Nordkalottleden starts south of this area, in Sulitjelma, but circumvents this region; it runs on the Swedish side of the border.


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  • Tysfjord Nordeca 10135
  • Map No. 10135, Tysfjord, in the new topographic survey of Norway at 1:50,000 covering the country on 195 double-sided sheets and first published by Nordeca in 2011 - 2012; fully GPS compatible, indicating waymarked footpaths, campsites, tourist huts, illuminated ski runs, etc.The maps, now published by Nordeca, the successors to Statens... Read more
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