Shropshire Way


  1. Name Shropshire Way
  2. Length of trail 225 km, 140 miles
  3. Length in days 11 days
  4. Traildino grading EW, Easy walk, nature trail

Shropshire Way

140 miles. 224 km.

The Shropshire Way is a path on the English side of the border with Wales. The trail is the result of the cooperation between local volunteers; they selected the most beautiful parts of the Shropshire Hills. The result is a series of shorter walks that can be combined to a contiguous trail. Together they show the many different aspects of this quiet region. A northern leg exists, connecting the hills to Chester.

The Shropshire Hills are an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The hills are fairly high, with an attractive pattern of hedgerows and meadows.

Select some tracks
Shropshire Way Old Route, 47km
Shropshire Way (Route 11, Link to Severn Way), 16km
Shropshire Way (Route 4, Craven Arms to Ludlow), 17km
Shropshire Way (Route 5, Ludlow to Coldgreen), 14km
Shropshire Way (Route 6, Coldgreen to Wilderhope), 17km
Shropshire Way (Route 10, Craven Arms to Wilderhope), 17km
Shropshire Way (Route 7, Wilderhope to Church Stretton), 18km
Shropshire Way (Route 3, Clun to Craven Arms), 16km
Shropshire Way (Route 12, Wilderhope Manor to Much Wenlock), 8.7km
Shropshire Way (Route 13. Much Wenlock to Benthall Edge), 7.3km
Shropshire Way (Route 16, Ironbridge to Wellington), 17km
Shropshire Way (Route 2, Bishops Castle to Clun), 17km
Shropshire Way (Route 1, Bridges to Bishop's Castle), 19km
Shropshire Way (Route 8, Church Stretton to Bridges), 10km
Shropshire Way (Route 9, Longmynd to Hopesay), 16km
Shropshire Way (Route 14, Stiperstones to Exfords Green), 16km
Shropshire Way (Route 15, Thresholds to Bayston Hill), 16km
Shropshire Way (Route 17), 19km
Shropshire Way Main Route (North), 98km
Shropshire Way Main Route (South), 128km


Shropshire Way


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  • The Shropshire Way, created from hiking trails in the county which can be combined into long-distance routes or circuits, presented at 1:40,000 on a light, waterproof and tear-resistant map from Harvey Map Services. The map presents the heart of Shropshire between Ludlow and Much Wenlock on one large panel, with an inset extending it eastwards... Read more
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