Peter Lougheed Provincial Park


Provincial park located in Alberta, Canada.

Trails in this region


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United Kingdom
  • Kananaskis Lakes Gem Trek
  • Kananaskis Lakes area of the Canadian Rockies on a contoured and GPS compatible, waterproof and tear-resistant map at 1:50,000 from Gem Trek with an enlargement of the Lower Kananaskis Lake, descriptions of recommended trails and other tourist information.The map covers some of the most scenic terrain in all of Kananaskis Country - the upper... Read more
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  • Wandelkaart 07 Kananaskis Lakes | Gem Trek
  • Kananaskis Lakes at 1:50,000 on a waterproof and tear-resistant, GPS compatible recreational map in a series from Gem Trek Publishing covering the most popular areas of the Canadian Rockies: Banff, Jasper, Kootenay and Yoho National Parks, as well as Waterton Lakes NP further south and the adjoining Goat Haunt area of Montana. Maps in this... Read more
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