Szlak Nadmorski


  1. Length of trail 378 km, 235 miles
  2. Length in days 19 days
  3. Start of trail Świnoujście
  4. End of trail Żarnowiec
  5. Traildino grading LW, Light walk, countryside walk

Szlak Nadmorski, Coastal Trail, 378 km

This trail follows the Baltic coast of Poland, starting at the border of Germany and ending in the little village of Żarnowiec. The Baltic coast is flat, and usually there is beach. The route is varied: forests, lakes and inlets, little streams and large rivers, interspersed with villages and historic towns.

The trail is part of the European Long Distance Trail E9. This trail continues beyond Żarnowiec towards the border with Russia.

The wiki page (links section) offers a detailed description and can be used as a guide, alongside the maps. The marking in the field is good. Accommodation is plentiful.



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