1. Name GR39 (GR39)
  2. Start of trail Mont-Saint-Michel
  3. End of trail Guérande
  4. Traildino grading EW, Easy walk, nature trail

GR39Mont-St-Michel - Guérande

It's easy to locate the long distance trails in Bretagne / Brittany. They count from GR34 to GR39. The famous coast path has the number GR34. This trail here, the GR39 cuts short the start and end of the GR34. Starting at scenic Mont-St-Michel it runs south, through the city of Rennes, towards the south coast of Brittany, the walled city of Guérande, another scenic spot. Most hikers will be found on the coast however.

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Du Mont-Saint-Michel à Guérande, 319km
Du Mont-Saint-Michel à Guérande (Variante), 4.1km
Du Mont-Saint-Michel à Guérande, 317km
.GR 39 / GR 34, 24km


Map of GR39


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  • La Vallée de la Vilaine à pied FFRP Topo-guide No. P354
  • La Vallée de la Vilaine à pied, FFRP topo-guide Ref. No. P354, 32 day-walks along the Vilaine south of Rennes. Each walk is presented on a separate colour extract from IGN’s topographic survey of France at 1:25,000 with its description cross-referenced to the map. Current edition of this title was published in May 2011.To see the list of other... Read more
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