Floris V-pad


  1. Name Floris V-pad (LAW1-3)
  2. Length of trail 245 km, 138 miles
  3. Length in days 12 days
  4. Start of trail Amsterdam
  5. End of trail Bergen op Zoom
  6. Traildino grading LW, Light walk, countryside walk

Floris V-pad

LAW1-3, Floris V-pad, Amsterdam - Muiden – Bergen op Zoom, 245 km

Who was Floris the Fifth? Back in the 14th century, Floris V was count of Holland, popular with his people, feared by his enemies. Ultimately, he was murdered by a bunch of rivalling nobles. The Dutch Golden Age was still a dot in the future, but in Floris' times, the foundations were laid for the trading and agricultural economy, which in later centuries brought so much prosperity to the Netherlands. Floris has contributed a great deal to the country's development.

Of course, there's not much left from these mediaeval times. A good thing though: the castle of Floris, the Muiderslot, is still there, and the trail passes right by. The castle is open to visitors.

The trail starts in Amsterdam, nice for us. In Floris' times, Amsterdam was probably nothing more than a collection of wooden houses. Floris appointed a toll-free zone to Amsterdam, by which he actually awarded the death sentence on his own beloved city of Muiden.

After Amsterdam, we pass through Weesp and then to Muiden. At that time, this town on the Zuiderzee coast was pretty much an international trade hub. You might spot the vessel of the current royal family in its harbour. The town, or what is left of it, is colourful. However, nowadays the Dutch do not build their own houses anymore, because there are more rules than people. Unhappily, the southern part of historical Muiden is now disgraced by a series of massive low-cost stone pimples, the product of a shrewd pact between Capitalism and Communism (called PPS, or Public-Private partnership).

Let's move on – later on we will pass the lovely cottages and villas of our contemporary P-governors and P-developers. Large parts of the trail go through the – what the Dutch call - Green Heart of the country. This is really special: very old polders, still pretty authentic. Moreover, we pass lovely old towns. These polders, villages and rivers continue to guide us all the way to the border with Belgium. Here, the GR12 takes over, and by this trail we will eventually reach Paris. (HN)

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Select some tracks
Floris V-pad - Hoofdroute en varianten
Floris V-pad - Hoofdroute
.Floris V-pad 01, Amsterdam - Weesp, 17km
.Floris V-pad 02, Weesp - Kortenhoef, 21km
.Floris V-pad 03, Kortenhoef - Nieuwer ter Aa, 19km
.Floris V-pad 04, Nieuwer ter Aa - Woerden, 21km
.Floris V-pad 05, Woerden - Oudewater, 13km
.Floris V-pad 06, Oudewater - Schoonhoven, 15km
.Floris V-pad 07, Schoonhoven - Nieuw Lekkerland, 20km
.Floris V-pad 08, Nieuw Lekkerland - Dordrecht, 22km
.Floris V-pad 09, Dordrecht - Kiltunnel, 19km
.Floris V-pad 10, Kiltunnel - Numansdorp, 23km
.Floris V-pad 11, Numansdorp - Dinteloord, 24km
.Floris V-pad 12, Dinteloord - Steenbergen, 19km
.Floris V-pad 13, Steenbergen - Bergen op Zoom, 18km
.Floris V-pad 9h, Variant Hoog water, 3.1km
.Floris V-pad 10b, Variant Laarzenpad, 3.9km
.Floris V-pad 10a, Variant Sassedijk
.Floris V-pad-GR 5 - Verbinding, 0.7km
Rota da Idanha, 71km
Floris V-pad-GR5 - Verbinding, 0.7km
GruBrìa Dorsale GR12 Est Ovest Valle Lambro - Bosco delle Querce, 18km


Rate 8.0 | 2 votes | No 7. in Netherlands
  • Joke ter Weele May 2011
  • Rate 8
  • Positive The historic towns and polders
  • Henk Nouws August 2010
  • Rate 8
  • Positive The old cultivated polders of Holland. Historic places.
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Floris V pad LAW1 3


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  • Wandelgids 1-3 LAW Floris V-pad | Wandelnet
  • Routegids met gedetailleerde topografische kaarten waar de route duidelijk op ingetekend is. Daarnaast alle noodzakelijke informatie als openbaar vervoer en overnachtingsadressen. Amsterdam -Bergen op Zoom. Het Floris V-pad leidt dwars door een oer-Hollands landschap over onverharde dijken en paden, die vaak speciaal voor wandelaars zijn... Read more
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De Zwerver
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