1. Name E12 (E12)
  2. Traildino grading EW, Easy walk, nature trail

E12, Mediterranean Trail, Marina di Camerota

E12: the Meditteranean Trail

The E12 is the latest addition to the European long distance trail network.

Work is in progress. You can get a taste of it in Italy, Marina di Camerota, South of Napoli. The trail will connect the Mediterranean coast and islands, such as Majorca, Corsica, Crete, Cyprus, Malta and Sardinia.

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European long distance path E12
European long distance path E12 - part Spain
.Sender de la Mediterrània - Catalunya, 559km
.GR 92 Sendero del Mediterráneo - Murcia, 177km
.La Senda Litoral, 96km
European long distance path E12 - part France
.E12 France, Col des Belitres - Cerbère, 4.2km
.Sentier Littoral, Cerbère - Argelès-sur-Mer, 33km
E12 France, Salses-le-Château - Port-la-Nouvelle
.Hortoux - Plana de Salses, 12km
.L'Église - Hortoux, 0.4km
.(no name)
.(no name)
.Gauja - Rec de Jannaire, 0.8km
.Clot de l'Aigue - Gauja, 5.1km
.La Badal - Clot de l'Aigue, 3.9km
.La Badal - Pas du Loup, 5.9km
.Pas du Loup - Les Éoliennes, 0.5km
.Les Éoliennes - Garrigue Haute, 1.6km
.Garrigue Haute - Combe des Buis Ouest, 2.4km
.E12 France, Narbonne - Mont Caramel, 2km
.(no name), 18km
.(no name), 94km
.Via Domitia - Via Aurelia, Fontvieille - Arles, 8.6km
.Via Aurelia, Maussane - Fontvieille, 12km
.Via Aurelia, Salon de Provence - Maussane, 31km
.Via Aurelia, Aix - Salon de Provence, 41km
.Via Aurelia, St Maximin - Aix, 47km
.Via Aurelia, Le Val - St Maximin, 26km
.(no name), 15km
.(no name), 24km
.(no name), 20km
.(no name), 49km
.Via Aurelia, Théoule - Col Notre-Dame, 8.9km
.(no name), 8.4km
.Via Aurelia, Roquebrune - Mandelieu, 92km
.Via Aurelia, Menton - Roquebrune, 10km
.European long distance path E12 - part Italia, 43km
.European long distance path E12 - part Slovenia, 15km
(no name), 0.4km
(no name)
(no name), 3.1km
(no name), 1.5km
(no name), 0.4km
(no name), 0.3km
(no name)
(no name)
(no name)
(no name), 0.5km
(no name)
(no name), 0.5km
(no name), 9.8km
E12 France, Col des Belitres - Argelès, 0.4km
Sendero GR 92 E-12 Senda del Mediterraneo, 5.4km
(no name), 13km
(no name), 1.3km
(no name)
(no name), 0.5km
(no name), 0.6km
Sentiero Italia - Tappa E12, 14km
GR 11 Senda Pirenaica - E12, 16km
GR 121 E12 Epaipide ibilbidea: Amezketa - Berastegi, 27km
(no name)
(no name)
Alpe Adria Trail E12, 20km


United Kingdom
  • Eschenbach in der Oberpfalz E12
  • Eschenbach i.d.OPf. in a series of GPS compatible recreational editions of the Bavarian topographic survey at 1:25,000, with waymarked hiking trails and cycling routes, campsites and youth hostels, etc. Coverage includes Creußen, Kirchenthumbach, Speichersdorf, Kemnath, Neustadt am Kulm, Grafenwöhr.Contours used in this map vary between 5 to... Read more
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