GR7 Andorra - Tarifa


  1. Name GR7 Andorra - Tarifa (GR7)
  2. Length of trail 1,798 km, 1,117 miles
  3. Length in days 90 days
  4. Start of trail Tarifa
  5. End of trail Andorra
  6. Traildino grading MW, Moderate walk, backpacking trail
  7. Hut tour grading T1, Walk

Andorra - Tarifa, E4, GR 7. 1798 km, 104 stages. Tarifa in Andalucía to Andorra, crossing Andalucía, Murcia, Valencia and Catalunya, E4.

Itinerary in Andalucía (809 km)

  • Tarifa – Castellar     80
  • Castellar – Benaocaz    61
  • Benaocaz – Ronda       25
  • Ronda – El Chorro       55
  • El Chorro – Villanueva del Cauche     45
  • Villanueva del Cauche – Ventas de Zattaya   
  • Ventas de Zattaya – Alhambra de Granada       
  • Alhambra de Granada - Saleres   
  • Saleres – Prados de Lopera      
  • Prados de Lopera - Bubión      69
  • Bubión - Cádiar     44
  • Cádiar - Laroles      38
  • Laroles – El Alamo  
  • El Alamo – Baza   
  • Baza - Galera   
  • Galera – La Puebla de Don Fadrique  

Itinerary in Andalucía Norte (alternative) (356 km)

  • Villanieva del Cauche - Villanueva de Tapias        43
  • Villanueva de Tapias - Cuevas de San Marcos        33
  • Cuevas de San Marcos - Rute        
  • Rute - Frailes        
  • Frailes - Bedmar        


Itinerary in Múrcia (173 km)

  • Cañada de la Cruz -Moratalla      66
  • Moratalla - Cieza    58
  • Cieza - Pinoso      49

Itinerary in Valencia (597 km)

  • Pinoso - Alcoy       79
  • Alcoy – Venta Boquilla       91
  • Venta Boquilla – Campamento de Tabarla       102
  • Campamento de Tabarla - Chelva     81
  • Chelva – San Vicente de Piedrahita       106
  • San Vicente de Piedrahita - Culla       54
  • Culla - Morella    45
  • Morella - Fredes   39

Itinerary in Catalunya(219 km)

  • Fredes - Rasquera      74
  • Rasquera - Colldejou     42
  • Colldejou – Mont-rai      52
  • Mont-rai – Bellprat       54
  • Bellprat - Andorra

Select some tracks
GR 7: Andorra - Estrecho de Gibraltar
.GR 7.5 Solsonès (Província de Lleida), 8.4km
.GR 7 - Catalunya (Província de Barcelona), 53km
.GR 7.8 Conca de Barberà (Província de Tarragona), 5.8km
.GR 7 - Catalunya (Província de Tarragona) - Part 2, 59km
.GR 7.2 La Risca - Llano de Béjar (Caravaca), 22km
GR 7.1 Moratalla - Cañada de la Cruz
.GR 7.1 Moratalla - Caravaca de la Cruz. Tramo C.1., 17km
.GR 7.1 Caravaca de la Cruz – Archivel. Tramo C.2., 18km
.GR 7.1 Archivel – Cañada de la Cruz. Tramo C.3., 28km
.GR 7.3 Serra de l'Argentera - Coll del Guix (Província de Tarragona), 3.3km
.Gran Recorrido 7 - Comunidad Valenciana, 593km
.Gran Recorrido 7 - Andalucía - South Route (Provincia de Granada), 442km
.Gran Recorrido 7 - Andalucía - South Route (Provincia de Málaga), 46km
.Gran Recorrido 7 - Andalucía - North Route (Província de Granada), 31km
.Gran Recorrido 7 - Andalucía - North Route (Província de Jaén), 274km
.Gran Recorrido 7 - Andalucía - North Route (Província de Còrdova), 56km
.Gran Recorrido 7 - Andalucía - North Route (Provincia de Málaga), 84km
.Gran Recorrido 7.9 - Andalucía (Provincia de Málaga), 28km
.Gran Recorrido 7 - Andalucía (Provincia de Málaga), 117km
Andorra als Ports, 64km
GR 7 du Ballon d'Alsace à Sainte-Foy, 124km


Rate 7.0 | 1 vote | No 13. in Spain
  • John P September 2014
  • Rate 7
  • Positive Variety of landscapes, old little hill towns, welcoming little hotels
  • Negative Some road sections
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GR7 Andorra - FredesGR7 Andorra - Fredes


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  • Rory 2013-03-27 15:10:12
  • GR7 Andorra - Tarifa
  • Hello,
    I'm planning to walk GR7 or part of it during June and August this year (2013). Yes I am aware that it will be very hot. If anyone has information or a review or has walked part of this trail I would really appreciate some feed back on it. Anything at all, places to sleep, outdoor or indoor, getting food and water, places to avoid, places to see, signage, best maps and so on. Or perhaps which would be the best part to hike for 2 months. Thanks a lot. Rory
    • Henk Nouws 2013-03-28 00:32:12
    • Rory: the GR7 is part of the European Long Distance Path E4. You can find most of the itinerary including a GPX on
    • Rory 2013-03-31 14:37:59
    • Great Thank you!
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