Continental Divide Trail


  1. Name Continental Divide Trail (CDT)
  2. Length of trail 4,989 km, 3,100 miles
  3. Length in days 300 days
  4. Traildino grading DW, Difficult walk, bushwalk
  5. Hut tour grading T3, Demanding mountain walk

Continental Divide Trail - by Schwin The Continental Divide Trail is one of the longest and most demanding long distance hikes in the United States. Thru-hiking is possible, but mind Paul "Mags" Magnanti's warning: "Walking the length of the Continental Divide Trail was perhaps the most difficult  of the trails I've hiked." The CDT adds up to about 3100 miles (4990 km), along the mountains that shed the waters from the east and the west.

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Continental Divide Trail
CDT, 197km
.Colorado Trail Seg. 10 Hagerman Pass Road to Halfmoon Creek, 18km
.Colorado Trail Seg. 9 Tennessee Pass to Hagerman Pass Road, 24km
.Continental Divide NST, 318km
CDT h-- Wyoming
CDT hc- W. Yellowstone to Brooks Lake
.CDT gkc, 57km
.CDT hci, 43km
.CDT hcm, 37km
CDT hf- Brooks Lake to South Pass City
.CDT hfc, 30km
.CDT hfl, 54km
.CDT hfn, 41km
.CDT hfp, 41km
CDT hfe Sublette Two Ocean Sheridan Route
.Sublette Mountain CDT Alternate, 18km
.Sheridan - Two Ocean - Togwotee CDT Alternate, 28km
CDT hj- South Pass City Rawlins
.CDT hjg, 18km
.CDT hji, 23km
.CDT hjp, 34km
.CDT hje Riverview Road Alternate, 11km
.CDT hjf Sweetwater River Route, 29km
CDT hm- Rawlins to Encampment
.CDT hmc, 31km
.CDT hmg, 59km
Continental Divide Trail, 17km
CDT j-- New Mexico
CDT jc- Chama to Ghost Ranch
.CDT 1-NM-31, 33km
.CDT-NM-30, 28km
.CDT 1-NM-29, 48km
.CDT 1-NM-28.1, 11km
CDT je-GH Ghost Ranch Route
.CDT 1-NM-28.A.1 Ghost Ranch Alternate, 13km
.CDT 1-NM-27.A.3 Ghost Ranch Alternate, 4.8km
.CDT 1-NM-27.A.2 Ghost Ranch Alternate, 6km
.CDT 1-NM-27.A.1 Ghost Ranch Alternate, 12km
CDT jf- Ghost Ranch to Cuba
.CDT 1-NM-26, 22km
.CDT 1-NM-25, 31km
CDT jh- Cuba to Grants
.CDT 1-NM-24.1, 42km
CDT jk- Grants to Pie Town
.CDT 1-NM-20, 44km
.CDT 1-NM-19, 88km
j-CDT-m Pie Town - NM 59 Segment
.j-CDT-mb 17.1 Pie Town, 20km
.j-CDT-mf 15, 36km
.j-CDT-mj 13, 51km
CDT jn-GR Gila River Route
.j-CDT-qm Gila River 07, 122km
.CDT 1-NM-12.GR Gila River Alternate, 20km
.j-CDT-lp Gila River, 8km
.CDT jooGR, 11km
CDT jo- Winston to Silver City
.CDT 1-NM-07.2, 14km
.CDT 1-NM-07.1, 18km
.CDT jq-CR Columbus Route to Mexico
CDT jr Silver City to Lordsburg
.CDT jr- Silver City to Lordsburg CDNST
.CDT ju- Lordsburg to Mexico-Crazy Cook Monument
CDT f-- Montana
CDT fc- Canada to Glacier Park
.CDT fcc - North East Route to Canada, 44km
.CDT fcf - North West Route to Canada, 56km
.CDT ff- Glacier Park to Lincoln
.CDT ffj Spotted Bear Route, 44km
.CDT fj- Lincoln to Elliston/Helena
.CDT fm- Helena/Elliston to Butte (S)
.CDT fq- Butte (S) to Wisdom
CDT 1-NM-12, 42km
CDT g-- Idaho
.CDT gc- Wisdom to Leadore
CDT gg- Leadore to W. Yellowstone
.CDT ggc, 39km
.CDT ggg, 57km
.CDT ggm, 48km
CDT i-- Colorado
CDT ib- Encampment to Steamboat Springs
.CDT hms, 30km
CDT h-- Wyoming


Continental Divide Trail


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