Oregon Coast Trail


  1. Name Oregon Coast Trail (OCT)
  2. Length of trail 689 km, 428 miles
  3. Length in days 34 days
  4. Traildino grading EW, Easy walk, nature trail

Oregon Coast Trail - by Ellis & Sandy The Oregon Coast Trail is a hiking trail along the Pacific Coast. The length depends the use of ferries, and varies between 382 miles (615 km) and 428 miles (689 km). The trail is set out on the beach, paved roads and tracks.

Select some tracks
Overland Track
.Overland Track section 1, 11km
.Overland Track section 2, 7.5km
.Overland Track section 3, 15km
.Overland Track section 4, 8.4km
.Overland Track section 5, 20km
.Overland Track section 6, 17km


Oregon Coast Trail


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