Three Capes Track


  1. Name Three Capes Track
  2. Length of trail 68 km, 42 miles
  3. Length in days 6 days
  4. Traildino grading SW, Strenuous walk, mountain trail
  5. Hut tour grading T2, Mountain walk

Three Capes Track: Tasman National Park - by Jerry

6 days, 68 km, all year

Currently this trail is just a proposal. Plans are to create a track between the three major capes along the southern coast of the Tasman Peninsula. After plans are realised, there will be five huts / camping sites along the trail, and some 60 walkers can be accommodated at a time along the trail. Wild bays, forests, rocky shores as well as beaches (bit cold water though).

Sounds great. However, many people object to the plan because it will destroy the pristine natural values of the Tasman National Park. Also, the huts will be more like huge house like structures. Brrr.

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Three Capes Track, 46km


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Three Capes Track

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  • cape pillar

  • benandlara March 2018
  • The Three Capes walk is a somewhat expensive (US$400) but well maintained track that has restricted access to Cape Pillar (said to have the highest sea cliffs in the southern hemisphere). The money is meant to be reinvested in the trail and maybe...
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benandlaraMarch 2018

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